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Made in Melbourne in small batches by our mother daughter team, all de Chalain products contain natural, organic and carefully selected ingredients to ensure that every product we make is something we are proud to put our name to.


Unable to find a soap bar that was organic while also being cruelty free and that didn't irritate my skin, I decided to learn how to make my own. I wanted a product that I was happy to put on my skin without worrying about nasty chemicals, and that would leave my skin feeling moisturised and refreshed.​And so, de Chalain soap bars were born!


All of our soap bars are cruelty free, vegan, palm oil free, organic and made with care in small batches. Our ingredients are sustainably sourced and you can be sure that no animals (or humans) have been harmed while you are enjoying your soap!
Emine completed her Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology (Jewellery) in 2008.


Prior to that she studied Complementary Therapies (Holistic Healing) and worked as a Holistic Healer, it was then she discovered a great love of crystals – gemstones in their more natural state.


Emine was fascinated with the way the crystals looked – such unique and natural beauty created by the earth itself.
A saucy little passion project created to celebrate the feminine and remind women to be kind to themselves.

Struggling with anxiety for many years, I was looking for ways to naturally support my mental health, to bring a sense of ease and calm to my life. Enter essential oils, crystals, self-care rituals, and plant magic - hippy s*%t, but not just for hippies.

SAUCYMOO is my way to pay it forward and help you find your joy, your calm and embrace every beautiful, saucy little part of yourself.
Little Hangings is a Melbourne-based, handmade jewellery label founded in 2015 by jeweller Renee Serraglio. Since its conception, Little Hangings has grown from a love of distinctive designs and effortless adornment.

Little Hangings incorporates the best of both minimalistic and statement jewellery to bring you a range of uniquely fashionable designs that can be worn through every occasion. Each piece is designed and meticulously hand crafted in Melbourne using mostly local and recycled materials, and as such, every piece is distinct and unlike any other in existence.

Little Hangings tries to keep in mind the environmental impacts and ethical implications of all aspects of their brand, from packaging, to display items, to the production process. Little Hangings strives to strike a harmonious balance between using materials designed for longevity, and producing products that are affordable.

Little Hangings is also passionate about women’s rights and donates 50% of the cost of each piece sold from their Jewellery for Justice Collection to organisations that are committed to helping put a stop to violence against women.
All Food Cocoon reusable beeswax wraps are handmade by me, at home, in Melbourne, with all ingredients and materials are sourced from Australian suppliers.

Food Cocoon beeswax wraps provide a breathable layer of protection, keeping your food fresher for longer. Beeswax and jojoba oil are naturally antibacterial, and this makes the wraps safe to use again and again. They are reusable, versatile, and can be safely composted when their use is exhausted.

Plastic pollution is a worldwide pandemic, and single-use plastics are a small part of a very large problem. Food Cocoon wraps are a simple way to make a big difference, to start or continue your eco-friendly journey.
Made By Dayle is are Hand crafted Macrame home decor, consisting of Macrame Wall Hangings, Plant Hangers, Bags and accessories all lovingly made by Dayle of course . All pieces have have been designed and crafted using locally sourced materials.
Indelible means to make marks that cannot be removed or erased. Something that is not able to be forgotten. Indelible Designs focus on creating functional ceramic pieces that have a memory conceptually endowed upon them by the artist Kirby Sens.
The Utility Co. products are designed and made with care in Melbourne.
living the life you love
totally bon is an independent business based in Melbourne.

the good journey began in 2012 when our owner stevie was adventuring overseas and he wanted to embrace change in his life.

he began asking himself "what is it that I want to create and share with the world?" the answers came and over time ideas began to grow - he decided to celebrate the things in life that made him happy… home, travel + spirituality. oh yeah, and feeling the love everyday.

after years of product development & adventures overseas, our online world is here for you to enjoy. we hope you love our products as much stevie does creating them for you.

life goes by so quickly so why not enjoy the ride? colour your life with happiness and joy always.